When He Popped A Golf Ball-Sized Cyst On His Arms, He Didn’t Think THIS Would Come Out

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In this video, a desperate man comes to see Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) with a huge cyst on his arm that has been growing for six months. After calming the man down, Dr. Lee goes to work.

Here’s what she wrote in the video description:

This sweet guy came from a little distance to see me. His sister apparently had told him that Dr Pimple Popper should be the one to remove the bump on his forearm. It had been growing quickly (which is usually a little concerning to me), and it was mobile but still firm.. like a rock that I could wiggle under the skin. What was it and why did it grow so quickly under the skin?

Well, I hope we find out together! This is Part1 of a three part series that I will release over the next day or so. Was a very interesting excision in an interesting young gentleman! You can see I tried to use a “suspension stitch” to pull this growth out, but it was too chalky and friable, and the stitch pulled through the tissue. I find it so sweet, because he really loves his sister and speaks of her so fondly. He is such a sweet guy!

We’ll be looking forward to see what comes in part 2 and 3 of this series, I guess!

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