Whoopi Goldberg Possibly To Be FIRED From ‘The View’ After She Does THIS

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Bombshell new reports have revealed that loudmouth liberal Whoopi Goldberg may be the next host of the ABC talkshow The View to get fired.

According to ET Online, Whoopi has been acting increasingly “antagonistic” on set, which has led some to speculate she is purposely trying to get the network to let her out of her $5 million a year contract.

“She’s constantly at war with management,” a source told the New York newspaper. “It’s so bad that some execs think she’s daring them to fire her so she can go off and do other things, particularly after her ‘slave’ outburst. She knows if they did fire her, they’d have to pay out her contract, and she’d be paid $5 million for doing nothing.”

“Whoopi loves the money, but she doesn’t want to work so hard anymore,” the source added. “She doesn’t come in prepared, she doesn’t ¬really engage with other panelists and guests. She gives some one-liners and moves on.”

Whoopi is allegedly in the final year of her contract, and she will receive “significantly less money” if she decides to renew it. Despite the growing rumors, ABC has denied any friction with Whoopi.

“We hope Whoopi is here for a long time to come,” an ABC spokesperson said in a statement. “She is a vital part of The View who delivers everyday as moderator and always comes to play.”

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