‘Duck Dynasty’ Couple Under Fire After They Do This With Child

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Duck Dynasty stars Jep and Jessica Robertson have found themselves in hot water this week over a decision they made on a recent episode about their adopted baby.

According to Inquisitr, the controversy surrounds the spinoff show Jep & Jessica: Growing The Dynasty, which focuses on the adoption of their new African American son Jules Augustus. The controversy specifically stems from a recent episode in which the Robertsons take the baby to the hospital for his circumcision and film their family’s reaction to the procedure for the show.

Though none of the medical procedure was recorded for the show, some fans are still livid that Duck Dynasty broadcast details of the event. Several years blasted the show on it’s Facebook page, with one user commenting:

“Very Christ like to adopt a sweet innocent baby then chop up his genitals and broadcast the horror on television. This family is disgusting and undeserving of that precious gift… I can’t believe you put that poor baby through a procedure that you don’t even know anything about! You’re laughing about it before hand then you can’t even bare to watch! Think of how that poor baby felt as he was being ripped and cut! He was screeching for his “mommy” to help him and she sat there RECORDING his torture! … You are a sick bunch. I can’t believe that horrific video was allowed on television.”

Do you have any problem with what the Robertsons did here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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