What The Obamas Did During The Super Bowl Will Make You SICK


February 8, 2016 9:55am PST

On Sunday night, Barack Obama shirked his presidential duties to watch the Super Bowl with his wife and his friends. In a recent interview, Barack and Michelle shared their Super Bowl rituals with the public.

According to Economic Times, Obama said he watches the game with friends as they eat pizza, nachos and chicken wings. 

“There’s like the little vegetable tray that nobody touches,” he joked.

As for Michelle, she admitted she only watches the Super Bowl for the halftime show.

“I care deeply about the half-time show, deeply,” Michelle said. “I got dressed for the half-time show.”

The first lady went on to say that they have an area they call the “champagne room” where her mother sits and people “don’t really know what’s going on but you’re close to the champagne.”

Sounds classy…

Frankly, anything this couple does makes me sick these days. It’s disgusting that they get to sit in the White House guzzling beer and watching football while millions of Americans are struggling to survive. SHARE this story if you think the Obamas should be evicted from the White House!


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