Patriot Shows Muslim ‘Refugee’ How Rapists Are Treated In This Country

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In this video, a no-nonsense gym owner shows a Muslim migrant how rapists are REALLY treated in the Western world. Unfortunately, however, a liberal judge then stepped in and did something sickening.

It all started at a fitness facility in Lahr, Germany, where a migrant followed a young woman into a changing room to rape her on January 28. Luckily, the owner heard her screams for help, and rushed into the locker room to find her being molested by a 21 year-old refugee.

According to Mad World News, the pervert then tried to flee the scene, but the owner chased him down and tackled him to the ground, keeping him there until the police arrived. The owner was praised as a hero, but after seeing what a liberal judge did with the refugee, he’s likely wishing he’d done worse to him.

The migrant was initially charged with sexual assault. However, after the pervert was identified as a refugee, the charges were minimized and he was released on February 3. In a sickening twist, the judge ruled that since the pervert was interrupted before he could commit the rape, he can’t be charged with sexual assault.

Incidents like this make it clear that Muslims now have way too much control over the Western world. If we aren’t careful, this same kind of thing could start happening in the U.S.

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