Loudmouth Liberal Insults US Sailor… Gets a RANCID Response

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Aaron Lesseski is a Navy submariner who has been on the force for little over a year, yet he has already been publicly insulted for serving in our military on two occasions.

Last month, he was accused of being “entitled” by a liberal customer when he asked a restaurant if they have a military discount.

“No, ma’am,” the soldier responded, according to Conservative Tribune. “It’s a discount not a privilege. A privilege is being able to go home to your family every night while living in a free country because some people willingly give up their ‘privileges’ so people like you can have them.”

When another customer overheard the exchange, he offered to pay for Lesseski’s meal.


Now, it has been revealed that this is not the first time Lesseski was disrespected in such a blatant way.

“When I was stationed in Charleston, SC a lady called me and some of my shipmates ‘murderers’ and ‘hypocrites’ because we ‘unnecessarily’ kill others for the defense of our own,” he explained.

He went on to say that this kind of disrespect makes his blood boil.

“I believe everyone who serves HONORABLY in any branch of the military — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard –Active, Reserve, Full Time Support — every single one of them deserve the utmost respect and appreciation, whether they served during wartime or not,” he argued.

Lesseski added that he comes from two generations of military service, and he never signed up for military discounts.

“If anyone says that what we do is unimportant, or we just do it to receive benefits, then they’re wrong,” he said. “Who would give up being with their family or being away from the ones we love or constantly uprooting our families to move around just for a 10% discount a Buffalo Wild Wings?”

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