GRAPHIC: ISIS Releases New Execution Footage In Disturbing Message To US

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ISIS has released a disturbing new execution photo that was clearly meant to be a message to the US.

According to The Mirror, the image was released by by al-Hayat, ISIS’s main propaganda group. The photo shows a wheelchair-bound ISIS militant sitting next to a bound, kneeling man in a jumpsuit.

The chilling image is captioned “the execution of spies in the city of Sirte.”

This photo was released just after it was announced that a mysterious sniper has ISIS militants on the run after he took out three of their Daesh chiefs in Libya.

This image is a clear message to the US, as it shows that ISIS is defiantly still conducting executions despite our demands for them to stop. They have let it be known that if they get their hands on any more Americans, they will be executed in truly depraved ways. It’s sickening that Obama is still doing nothing to stop this terrorist group that wants nothing more than to destroy our country.

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