You Won’t Believe Who Hillary’s Supporters Want Her Vice President To Be…

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It’s no secret that liberals are ignorant sheep who will do virtually anything that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton tell them to, but this is dumb even for them…

Conservative media critic Mark Dice recently took to the streets of San Diego to put the stupidity of liberals to the test by telling people that Hillary had picked Karl Marx, her “economic advisor” to become her running mate. According to Infowars, he also told them that she needed to get a required amount of signatures from her supporters to make her pick official.

Clearly unaware that Marx was a revolutionary socialist who tried to destroy capitalism and died in 1883, the ignorant Hillary supporters were all too happy to sign off on him as the Vice President.

“Sure, I will support that,” said one woman as she signed the petition while Dice claimed that Hillary choosing Marx would “boost her candidacy credentials.”

Another liberal signed the petition after Dice told him that Marx had been Obama’s economic advisor for years.

“She gotta step up, I don’t like to see what Trump been doing,” the man commented.

It’s sad that liberals will literally sign off on anything in the name of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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