Hillary Clinton Caught In Bombshell Lie – This Could Cost Her Everything

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With the Iowa caucuses happening this week, this is the absolute worst time for Hillary Clinton to be caught in a lie. Unfortunately for her, however, one of her pathological lies just came back to haunt her in a brutal way.

After being caught in the lie on Sunday, Hillary is now looking at Iowa voters having the worst taste of her in their mouths. The timing could not be worse for her, and it just may cost her the election!

Hillary Clinton is getting quite the reputation of being a pathological liar. Unfortunately for her, she just got smacked with the truth as her latest big lie was brought to light a single day before the Iowa caucus – and it could cost her some serious votes.

The lie came out in a claim made by Hillary during a recent interview. Speaking with WHO TV in Iowa on Sunday morning, the 2016 presidential hopeful explained:

“The best explanation I hear of this I heard yesterday in Des Moines from a man I was talking to... He said, “This is like you drive through the same intersection for years and the speed limit is 35 and then you move out of town and they change the speed limit to 25. And then they start sending you tickets.”

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. As it turns out, Hillary gave the same spiel during an interview that Mad World News previously reported on with The Des Moines Register. Three weeks ago during the lengthy session, she stated:

“This would be like somebody in the Department of Transportation setting speed limits. Let’s say the speed limit was 35. And then retroactively the police say the limit was 25. So let’s go back…”

 Hmm, isn’t that interesting? It’s the same exact story, yet Hillary just heard it for the first time on Saturday? As previously stated, this woman is gaining the reputation for being a pathological liar, and rightfully so.
This fact is so irrelevant, there was literally no reason to lie about it, yet the woman who wants to be our Commander-in-Chief decided to do so anyways. If she will lie about such a small detail, can she really be trusted in our White House? This is not the kind of person we want in the Oval Office. America has already suffered the past 7 years under the rule of someone eerily similar.
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