Hoodlum Takes Woman Hostage – Gets A NASTY Surprise From Texas Cops

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In this video, a hoodlum makes a huge mistake when he takes a woman hostage in Texas. When the police show up on the scene, the thug is stunned to pay a fatal price for what he has done.

If this isn’t instant karma, I don’t know what is!

A robbery suspect turned hostage taker was shot dead Friday by officers in Irving, Texas.

The event that unfolded, however, seems more reminiscent of the ending scene from Die Hard than something you’d actually expect to witness in real life.

As reported by KDFW, it all started when an armed suspect attempted to rob the Cash Store, a business which had been the target of several robberies in the past. Being informed of the robbery in progress, two uniformed officers arrived quickly to the scene, apparently taking the suspect by surprise.

In desperation, the thief took one woman hostage and threatened her with a handgun if the responding officers got involved. As the suspect attempted to place the hostage into a car, the officers reacted quickly, landing at least one head shot on the suspect, killing him instantly.

Even after being released by the suspect, the hostage seemed to be in a state of shock, as it took her several seconds to become aware that she was free from her captor. Thankfully she was not harmed in the incident and seems to be doing well.

According to former police officer and criminal defense attorney Pete Shulte, while most officers would not have taken such a risky shot, the officers involved reacted incredibly well to a split-second opportunity.

“I think the officer in this situation, although many officers would not have taken the shot, he’s a hero,” Shulte said. “He stopped the situation.”

Had the suspect been successful in fleeing with the victim, the situation may have ended much worse. Thankfully, the officers on scene were well trained and well armed to prevent the situation from ending in tragedy.

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