GRAPHIC: ISIS Releases Disturbing New Video In Terrifying Message To US

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ISIS has released a chilling new video in what many are calling a clear message to the U.S.

According to Daily Mail, the footage shows an ISIS militant threaten an attack on Britain that will be so awful it will “turn children’s hair white.” ISIS has promised that the U.K. will suffer the “lion’s share” of the slaughter they intend to bring to Europe imminently.


The footage shows a militant who appears to be white promise that an attack is coming to the West that will be so big it will make us forget the September 11 attacks, which killed 3,000 people. He makes these threats in French, which appears to be his native language.

At the end of the chilling video, the ISIS fighters shoot dead five hostages who are kneeling in orange jumpsuits.


Though this video was meant as a threat to Britain, it is also a clear message to the U.S. The U.K. may be their first target, but the U.S. is definitely next, and if they ever get an opportunity to attack us they will definitely jump on it. It’s sickening that Obama is still doing nothing to stop this terrorist group that wants to kill as many Americans as they can…

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