Muslim Gang Terrorizes Women At Train Station – Police Powerless To Intervene

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Europe is currently in crisis mode after thousands of Muslim “refugees” have completely taken over their continent.

This week, Sweden made the “controversial” decision to deport 80,000 Muslim refugees after rapes and sexual assaults reached an all-time high. When they let all those Muslims into their country, they seemed to forget that Muslims have no respect for women. They learned this lesson the hard way recently when the main train station in Stockholm was completely taken over by violent Muslim gangs.

According to Louder with Crowder, Swedish police have warned their citizens that Stockholm’s main train station is now unsafe after it was taken over by dozens of Moroccan street children. The all-male gangs spend their days stealing, groping girls, and assaulting security guards.

Police have become powerless to intervene against the refugees because there are so many of them, which has caused their entire society to descend into chaos.

Videos like this serve as a grim reminder of what can happen in America if Obama gets his way. SHARE this story if you do NOT want us to open our borders to Muslim refugees!

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