Doctor Pops Enormous Pimple – Is Stunned When THIS Comes Out

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Dr. Sandra Lee has popped thousands of pimples in her time, which is why she has earned herself the affectionate nickname of Dr. Pimple Popper.

Watch as Dr. Lee pops a giant blackhead. She describes what happened in the video description:

This patient saw my husband, Dr Jeff Rebish, for a general skin exam, and Dr Rebish noticed this large blackhead on his lower back. The patient was aware there was a bump there, didn’t know what it was, but he was happy to know that it could be easily removed rather quickly. And, he was nice enough to let us film the procedure!

This is a very large blackhead, and could be called a Dilated Pore of Winer. A little local anesthesia was placed and a superficial nick in the skin overlying this large open comedone was placed so a comedone extractor could be used to push the contents out.
This blackhead came out quickly, and entirely whole, and the area should heal quickly, and without any noticeable scar or change in the surface of the skin.

So gross!

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