Miranda Lambert Makes Heartbreaking Announcement

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Yesterday, we reported that Blake Shelton and his new girlfriend Gwen Stefani are currently doing better than ever in their new relationship. This shattered the hopes of millions of country music fans who hoped that Blake and his ex-wife Miranda Lambert would get back together.

Miranda has stayed relatively quiet about her “year from Hell” of 2015, until now. Before performing her hit song “Scars” for her fans, she opened up to them about how difficult this year has really been:

She recently got back on stage in Nashville to play a few songs with her longtime friend and bandmate, Scotty Wray. Though she had never sung it publicly before, Miranda thought it was time to debut her singing Wray’s song, “Scars” for the world to hear.

“Oh God, I hope I don’t cry when I sing it,” said Miranda. “Scotty Wray has been with me since I was 17 years old. We’ve been in a band together forever. And we both had a really, really, sh*tty year in 2015 and we have tattoos to prove it. We’re moving forward!”

Though Scotty wrote the song the year before he and Miranda met, she’s loved the song for years. She finally told him that she was ready to sing it for real. Miranda told the crowd the story behind the song…

“He said, ‘Well, I’ve been waiting to hear you sing this a long time,’” Miranda told the audience. “I said, ‘I wasn’t ever damaged enough to sing a song called “Scars”… You know it’s something you have to sell and really feel and really live and go through s**t basically to execute a song like that.’”

Please keep Miranda Lambert in your thoughts and prayers. You can move on from this, girl!

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