Larry The Cable Guy Is Blackballed By Hollywood After He Says THIS About The Liberal Media

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Larry the Cable Guy is known for always speaking his mind, despite the fact that he works in the liberal world of Hollywood. Now, liberals are calling for a boycott of his comedy shows after he went off on a rant against the mainstream media.

More than a decade after the Blue Collar Comedy Tour made his comedic character a household name, stand-up comic Daniel Whitney is far more recognizable appearing in a cutoff shirt as his alter ego, Larry the Cable Guy.

In a recent interview with Gavin McInnis, however, Whitney spoke as himself to address an issue he feels has corroded race relations in the U.S.

There has been an attempt to condemn the values on which he and many other Americans stand, Whitney asserted, by unfairly characterizing a large segment of the nation as bigoted.

“They’ve drawn up this picture of how they want us to be,” he said, alleging that “they go insane” when confronted with evidence opposing their prejudice.

“They cannot handle it,” the comedian concluded.

Though some of his fellow Americans continue to believe he is racist and intolerant because of his societal status or beliefs, Whitney said he is always willing to prove his detractors wrong. “And it frustrates them to no end,” he said.

He went on to assert “they get irritated” with the reality their preconceived notions are incorrect.

“They are so flabbergasted,” Whitney charged, “and it’s because what they think we are, we aren’t.”

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