Gorgeous Blonde Learns The Hard Way What Happens When You Help ‘Orphan Refugees’

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Europe is currently in crisis mode as they have been taken over by Muslims after they let millions of refugees into their continent.

Touched by the struggling refugees, 22 year-old Alexandra Mezher decided that she wanted to help some “orphan” migrants. Unfortunately for her, she learned the hard way that this was a really bad idea.

According to Mad World News, Mezher was killed while working at a child migrant center in Sweden. The beautiful blonde whose family described her as “an angel” was killed in a brutal stabbing by one of the refugees she was trying to help.

Mezher’s murderer has been identified as a 15 year-old boy, but the motive behind the killing is still unknown. Employees at the center held the boy down until police arrived, at which point Mezher was rushed to the hospital, but she later succumbed to her wounds.

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Ironically enough, Mezher’s family is originally from Lebanon, but they fled to Sweden years ago the violence that follows Islam and its worshipers. The center where she was working was one for unaccompanied minors, who are in other words the “orphan refugees” Obama mocked conservatives for being afraid of.

“It is so terrible,” said Mezher’s cousin. “She was a person who wanted to do good, who wanted to be good. And then he murdered her when she was doing her job. We have cried a lot. She was such a nice person, warm and happy. It is the Swedish politicians’ fault that she is dead.”

Please pray for Mezher’s family during this difficult time.

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