Facebook To Censor And Remove Users For Defying THIS Obama Agenda

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Facebook is submitting to Obama in a truly sickening way this week as they announce a new policy regarding dialogue that involves “hate speech” and “xenophobia” on European profiles in reference to the Muslim refugee crisis.

According to World Daily Online, Facebook executives have created the “Initiative for Civil Courage Online” in Berlin, and it pledges to help non-governmental in counteracting “racist and xenophobic posts” that want to exclude or denigrate a group of society.

When asked to comment on this, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said that “hate speech has no place in our society.” In order to go about this, Facebook is now going about deleting any profile in which someone makes a negative comment of any sort against Muslim refugees.

Facebook is ignoring the fact that the spike of “xenophobic” comments against Muslim refugees has been caused by a rise in sexual assaults in Europe, which the government is trying to coverup in the name of political correctness. It’s sickening that Facebook is submitting to Obama’s PC agenda by censoring their users in such a shameless way.

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