Rory Feek Makes Heartbreaking Announcement About Terminally Ill Joey

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Country music fans have been praying for singer Joey Feek for months now as she has been battling terminal cancer. This week, Rory released a heartbreaking letter that his wife received that has her fans from all over the globe in tears.

When I first started writing about Joey and Rory Feek, I never imagined the influence this country music couple would have on me spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Although there’s still time for the Lord to send a miracle and heal Joey Feek, the reality that heaven could be calling her home lingers over every letter I type while writing any article about them.

Before that day comes, I pray that Joey and Rory are well aware of the profound impact they’ve had on millions of lives.

Like many of our QPolitical readers, I didn’t discover who Joey and Rory were until they started making headlines with Joey’s courageous decision to enter hospice care in November 2015.

Inspired by their story and the comments QPolitical viewers write on each Joey and Rory article, I decided to write a personal letter to them. I knew I wasn’t speaking for just myself while writing this letter – I’m speaking for all of us who have been truly touched by their courage, strength, and faith. 

“A Letter to Joey and Rory” 

Dear Joey and Rory,

I’ve tried to start this letter at least 13 times, with each time experiencing writer’s block to a degree I never knew existed until now. Perhaps it’s because no words can adequately convey why I’m so emotionally attached to your story that you so bravely shared to the entire world. 

What I do know is this: You have taught priceless life lessons to millions around the world by allowing us to witness the most vulnerable, challenging, and emotional cards that God has ever dealt you. 

You taught me not to worry because if I truly trust in God’s plan, then I know there’s more to life than our human existence on Earth. With that understanding means there’s no reason to worry… ever. Everything is alright. As someone who’s struggled with worrying their entire life, witnessing your peace with the Lord’s answers to your prayers was the inspiration I’ve longed for. 

You taught me to be strong because we all have our struggles in life. Getting upset over the stresses of adulthood are nothing compared to the experience of watching the love of your life fight cancer, knowing the only thing you can do to help is love… and pray. There’s been infinite times when I started to let my emotions get the best of me. Right before my weakness could drown my strength, I would remember your story – and kept fighting. 

You taught me to not fear death because if I don’t, then I’ll never truly live. All we have is right now, this very second, this very breath. Watching you both stare that daunting day in the face with peace and grace allowed me to see the beauty in death. The beautiful truth that a place beyond our comprehension awaits us when we leave this Earth. 

You taught me to be simple because it’s too easy to miss out on what really matters in life these days. We’re too busy being busy with all the distractions that come in this era of information technology (you even inspired me to ditch my iPhone for a flip phone!). I now know that a simple life is a quality life, and a quality life is a life spent wisely. 

Until your story I’ve never had a problem with detaching my emotions from any of my writing. However, I find myself fighting through tears to finish every article about you. Not sad tears though, they’re happy tears. Happy tears because I feel so blessed and humbled to know one of the most beautiful stories ever told – and it’s still being written. 

We can never thank you enough. 

Your Biggest Fan

Please continue to keep the Feeks in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

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