Muslim Hoodlum Attacks Cop With Pipe Bomb, But Allah Had Other Plans For Him…

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A young Muslim jihadist recently decided to carry out a terrorist attack in the name of Allah. Unfortunately for him, however, his Muslim god had other plans for him…

An 18 year-old Palestinian Muslim named Muhammad Halbiya reportedly died last week when he tried to use a bomb he made to slaughter Border Police stationed at a checkpoint in between Jerusalem and Abu Dis in Israel. According to Mad World News, the homemade explosives detonated in his own hands, mutilating his limbs. His intended victims rushed him to the hospital, but he died of his injuries.

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“He had a pipe bomb that he was planning on throwing at security personnel in Abu Dis, and it accidentally exploded before he threw it, and he died of his wounds,” said Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

“He was not a suicide bomber,” Rosenfeld added, noting inaccurate media reports claiming the teen was wearing an explosive vest. “We’re talking about a Palestinian with a small explosive.”

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The liberal media has tried to pin the “murder” of an “innocent Muslim boy” on the Israeli authorities, but this is of course not the case. SHARE this story so that the world can learn the truth about this!

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