Trump Humiliates Obama On Live TV – White House Panicking

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Barack Obama prides himself on being popular among African Americans, and he’s hoping that it will be these voters that ensure GOP frontrunner Donald Trump will not make it to the White House.

However, The Donald shattered this view during a Fox interview on Sunday in which he said he has a “great relationship with the blacks.”According to Mediate, Trump told Howard Kurtz that he’ll do great with minority voters like hispanics, asians, and blacks.

“The African-Americans love me,” he said, “because they know I’m gonna bring back jobs.”

“They’re gonna like me better than they like Obama,” Trump boldly continued. “The truth is Obama has done nothing for them.”

Obama is terrified that Trump will get elected because he knows the business mogul will destroy all the ridiculous schemes he did during his presidency. With the African Americans now on his side, it looks like Trump is headed for the White House in 2016!

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