Desperate Man Pops Inflamed Neck Cyst – What Comes Out…OMG!

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In this video, a man goes to see Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) with an inflamed cyst on his neck. This was one tough case to treat, but Dr. Lee was able to do so in no time!

She described what happened in the video description:

This patient had a recently inflamed, infected cyst on the back of the neck. He was placed on oral antibiotics the week prior, and scheduled today for excision.
When I saw him and felt the bump, it was boggy and fluctuant, meaning that it felt soft and filled with fluid within, so I suspected there was still some inflammation in the area, and that I probably shouldn’t excise the lesion at this time.
If I were to attempt excision at the time of this visit, I would have had to remove the entire bump there, which is just a little smaller than a golf ball, so the resultant excision line and scar would have been very long, potentially the entire width of the back of his neck!
Here, I do an I & D (an incision and drainage) or a cyst that has already drained to a great degree a few days prior. As you can see, there are fragments of the cyst wall and inflammation within this bump.
He will continue on his antibiotics, and in the future, if the cyst recurs, we can schedule an excision when it is not irritated and inflamed. In doing so, the scar line will be shorter, and there is less risk of spread of bacterial infection.

SO gross!

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