This May Look Like A Normal Pool, But What’s Hidden Underwater… OMG!

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This may look like an ordinary swimming pool, but you won’t believe what’s hidden inside it.

The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan, is known for amazing works of art, in many different styles. Recently, however, they acquired a new work that’s incredible in a completely new way. It looks like a normal swimming pool when you walk up to it, but guests are then surprised to see their friends and family walking around at the bottom!


The pool was created by Argentinean artist  Leandro Erlich, and is an optical illusion (or trompe-l’œil in French).

The pool works by not actually being full of water. Rather than being six feet deep, the water is only goes down ten or so centimeters, with a pane of glass between the upper and lower levels! From above, it seems like people are walking around underwater, and from below, guests see people looking in, as if they’re trapped. The experience is described as “dreamlike” by many museum patrons, and has drawn such fantastic crowds that the museum has decided to make it a permanent installation! This is huge, as the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art normally keeps its installations on a rotating schedule, swapping them out once they’ve been around for a few months.

The work is truly amazing, and a great example of how in modern times, art has become a broader term. Once, when people spoke about art they meant paintings, but they now mean anything beautiful, that makes the viewer stop and think for a while. Here, art happens to be a swimming pool.

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