Liberal Protester Attacks Trump Supporter – Then Gets A Nasty Surprise

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Donald Trump is currently dominating in the polls, so liberals are more desperate to take him down than ever before. Now, they are targeting Trump supporters personally to try to take The Donald down, but it’s not working out very well for them!

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attracts thousands of people to his campaign events, most of whom support the GOP front-runner. But, the fiery, outspoken business mogul’s events also frequently attract those who disagree with his policies and others just looking for attention.

A Trump rally in Concord, New Hampshire, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day was no different, with one particular protester drawing intense reaction from a Trump supporter because of the message on the protester’s sign.

The sign read “Donald Trump’s dream is Martin Luther King’s nightmare.”

The Trump protester got into a heated exchange with the supporter that included an argument on the Islamic faith and Trump’s controversial policies regarding Muslims in the United States.

The supporter tried to explain to the protestor that the culture of radical Islam would be dangerous to Americans. He argued that because of radical Muslims’ violent tendencies and their acceptance of rape and murder as part of their culture, that they wouldn’t hesitate to hurt Americans, as well — especially when you consider how much radical Muslims hate American freedom.

A crowd soon gathered around the two, but neither the supporter nor the Trump protester would budge from their positions and, eventually, the supporter just walked away.

The confrontation was caught on video, and the Washington Examiner posted it online.

Watch it here.

This is nothing new for a front-runner who has been called everything from a racist to a bigot, particularly on his stance regarding Muslims and whether we should allow more of them to enter the United States.

Trump drew harsh criticism from all sides when he proposed banning Muslimsfrom entering the country until the U.S. could get a better grasp on the situation, something he said he genuinely believed was critical in preventing attacks by radicals such as the Islamic State group militants.

Protests like this one are unlikely to hurt Trump in the polls because — as his defender in this video demonstrated — his supporters are loyal and willing to stand up for their candidate and his policies.

Liberals can whine all they want to, but it will NOT stop us from voting Trump! SHARE if you agree!

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