Ignorant Muslim Twirls Loaded Gun – Then Gets EXACTLY What’s Coming To Him

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This video proves that there definitely isn’t an IQ test required to become a Muslim…

Wanting to show off a bit, a Muslim man decided to pull off on the side of the road and set up a camera to capture what he was about to do. Unfortunately for him, things went awry during his gun twirling routine – and you’re going to love what happened.

The video seems to have originated on Facebook last year, but it has once again resurfaced and is understandably gaining attention once again. In the footage, a Muslim man is seen carelessly spinning a rifle before things take a wrong turn.

Butterfingers dropped ball. As it turns out, the rifle was loaded, resulting in an accidental discharge and the Muslim man shooting himself square in the gut. It takes an extreme amount of talent to shoot one’s self in the gut with a long rifle – it isn’t an easy feat to accomplish.

It is worth noting that this video is unconfirmed, and we can not vouch for its authenticity. That being said, maybe we should donate a few grenades for his next trick and see what happens.

Either way, Muslims don’t seem to be too fond of gun safety etiquette as Mad World News has reported of similar idiots shooting themselves before. As I’ve said previously, do these three things and you’ll never have an accident (in no particular order):

  • Never point the gun at something you’re not willing to destroy
  • Keep your finger off the trigger at all times, until you’re ready to shoot
  • Always treat your firearm as if it is loaded

And, in this idiot’s case, I guess we need to add another:

  • Don’t treat it like a toy

Did this Muslim get what he deserved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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