She Had No Idea The Cameras Were On When She Did THIS To A Veteran…OMG!

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In Obama’s America, veterans aren’t treated with the respect they deserve  nearly as often as they should be. That’s what makes this video so amazing…

The painful truth is that when many veterans come home after years of service and deployment, they are faced with the daily struggles of poverty, joblessness, and supporting a family.  It’s easy to say you support our troops, but it’s another thing to actually back up your talk with actions.

That’s why the television show ‘What Would You Do?’ set up this social experiment to test how generous the local people of San Antonio were to a veteran who was in need at a supermarket.  The cashier and veteran were actually both actors who were acting out a situation where the veteran was trying to pay for items, including baby products, but was short on money available.

The test was to see if the other people in line, who did not know that the cashier and veteran were actors, would step in to help the man pay for his groceries or if they would watch and do nothing.

The response was overwhelmingly supportive for the veteran.  One woman, even though she was barely getting by herself, offered to help pay the man’s bill.  Another person even offered to pay the whole thing.  The overwhelmingly positive responses gave the man true happiness to see such generosity first hand.

Our troops help defend, secure, and maintain our nation.  People recognize this and it becomes apparent in the video, when the true kindness of people comes out.

Overall, people were very generous and willing to help those in need.  Watch the feel good video below, which will surely restore your faith in humanity!

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