Andrea Tantaros Drops Bombshell About Hillary On Live TV – Liberals Furious

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign is currently scrambling to try and bury the new Michael Bay film 13 Hours, which tells the story of the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack that SHOULD have put Hillary in jail.

Unfortunately for the Democratic presidential candidate, however, her efforts aren’t really working…

Yesterday, we reported that Hillary had disrespected the men killed in this tragedy by saying that she “doesn’t have time” to watch the new movie. Today, she paid for this comment dearly during a brutal Fox News segment.

“Typical Clinton, just blow it off,” former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown commented, according to American News. “The question [my wife] and others is asking is, ‘Who was in charge?’ It never mentions Clinton directly, but it always ‘State Department, state department, state department.’ Because they were in charge, they were running the show, and they were nowhere to be seen and people died.”

“This isn’t just a movie that was based on fiction,” Andrea Tantaros chimed in. “I mean you can look at four gravestones, four tombstones, and know that this is real. And actually she should be lucky that they didn’t go further, that Michael Bay didn’t go further with this movie making.”

Watch Tantaros go on to annihilate Hillary in the video above, and she’s right! After watching this movie, nobody in their right mind would EVER vote for Hillary Clinton!

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