He Found Out Thugs Were Bullying His Daughter – So He Got Revenge With THIS

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Being a parent definitely has it’s challenging moments, but few are as difficult as having to watch your child get bullied.

Spoken word artist Khari Touré recently returned to his Oakland, California home to find that his young daughter had been viciously bullied at school, and he knew he had to do something.

“A parent’s first reaction, of course, is anger, but instead, I said, ‘You’re beautiful Nia,’ ” Touré recounted, according to American Overlook. “I said, ‘We’re going to make a song. Daddy’s going to take you to the studio, and I’m going to make you your own video.'”

Touré, who is father to Ashé, 15, Nia, 6, and Maya, 2, was devastated when he learned his two oldest girls were being relentlessly bullied for everything about themselves, especially their appearance. In order to give his girls pride in themselves, Touré took to the studio to also inspire kids all over the country to stand up for who they are.

The chorus of the beautiful song features lines like “I’m beautiful, I’m worthy, these mean words can’t hurt me.”

“I want all children to keep this — throughout when they’re young — so they can grow up really internalizing the words and believing in their own beauty and brilliance,” said Touré. “It’s so hard trying to instill confidence in children when they’ve been bullied by other children, but I’m going to do it.”

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