She Popped A Pimple On An Elderly Woman’s Back – What Came Out…YUCK!

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In this video, an elderly woman goes to see Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) with a large cyst on her back. In typical Dr. Lee form, she’s able to take care of it in no time!

The brilliant doctor described what happened in the video description:

This lovely older woman came in to see me for a body exam. She was accompanied by her at-home nurse who visits her at her home daily, to make sure she is ok. Her nurse has wanted to squeeze this bump for many years, but I got a chance to do it, and the patient was so kind to allow me to film it for all of you to see. As you can see I use a punch biopsy tool, 6mm diameter to “punch” out the punctum of the cyst (where I can see the cyst opens to the skin surface). This is really the largest size punch I will use.. If I think I need to make a bigger opening, I will usually opt for an excision with a scalpel instead and this is mainly because if you use a punch larger than 6mm, the area is more difficult to close without getting dog-ears(pooches of skin on the edges of the suture line which distort the skin). As you can see, I was able to squeeze out and remove the entire cyst and its sac and sutured the area closed with deep and superficial sutures because there will be tension on the wound edges and this will more ensure a fine linear scar.

We’re glad Dr. Lee was able to pop this one!

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