Muslim Refugee Boards Subway Train – What He Does Next Is HORRIFYING

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Disturbing video footage from Berlin, Germany shows just how disgusting Muslim refugees can be. This quite literally makes me sick…

Although the subway is known to transport all kinds of crazy people, it seems that a special new breed is making themselves known. All caught on tape, a Muslim passenger decided to drop something in public that managed to sicken all the infidel riders who were trapped on the subway with him.

The incident reportedly took place yesterday in Alexanderplatz — a large public square and transport hub in Berlin, Germany. It immediately becomes clear why a fellow passenger began recording. Without any introduction, a man, described as a “Muslim migrant,” steps back into the middle of the train, where he could be seen pulling up his pants.

According to reports, he had actually just defecated on the seat and could actually be seen dropping toilet paper as soon as the video kicks off. Making the matter worse, viewers are graced with a second, slow-motion viewing, depicting what seems to be the toilet paper stuck to his hands as if he came into contact with his own waste.

As if that wasn’t gross enough, everyone on the subway car could be seen looking at the man in disgust as they wait for the next stop. One could only imagine how badly they wanted to get off after realizing they were stuck in a small enclosure with such a person.

Luckily, the man was able to get his pants up, but the damage had already been done. Although it can’t be said for certain, it doesn’t seem like too far of a stretch to say that the Muslim’s waste probably stayed right there until someone else unfortunate enough was forced to clean it up. I think I speak for us all here when I say just this one word — disgusting.

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