What Hillary Just Said About New Benghazi Movie Will Make You Sick

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Last week, Hillary Clinton went into panic mode when the new Michael Bay film 13 Hours hit theaters. The movie tells the story of the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attacks, and though it doesn’t mention her by name, it certainly does nothing to help her struggling reputation in the eyes of the American people.

According to Allen B West, Hillary remained silent about the movie until she was asked directly if she’d seen it over the weekend by a CNN reporter. Her response is truly sickening…

Hillary proudly told the host that she is “too busy” campaigning to watch the film. It’s truly infuriating that Hillary Clinton is “too busy” to watch a film about American heroes who gave their lives for this country, yet she is NOT too busy to:

  • Appear on the Jimmy Fallon show
  • Appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show
  • Appear on Lifetime to be interviewed by You Tube “stars”

We’ll just add this to the long list of reasons why we can’t STAND Hillary Clinton!

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