Did You Spot THIS During Last Night’s Debate?

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Last night, Fox Business Network hosted the latest GOP debate, and it turned out to be arguably the most entertaining one yet!

Unlike the previous debates, frontrunner Donald Trump was not able to grab the attention right off the bat. Instead, the other candidates launched into a verbal assault on the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

According to Daily Mail, Florida Senator Marco Rubio declared Clinton “wouldn’t just be a disaster. Hillary Clinton is disqualified from being commander-in-chief of the United States.”

“Someone who can not handle intelligence material appropriately cannot be commander-in-chief,” he said. “And someone who lies to the families of those four victims in Benghazi can never be president of the Unites States.”

Florida Governor Jeb Bush brought up her email scandal, saying, “She might be going back and forth between the court house and the White House.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie then promised that if he gets the nomination, he’ll beat Clinton easily.

“If I’m the nominee, she won’t get within 10 miles of the White House,” he pledged.

The Clintons currently own a house in Washington D.C. that is located less than two miles from the White House.

Of course, the debate quickly devolved into a fight between the Republicans. Here are the winners and losers in the eyes of Daily Mail:

1. Ted Cruz was prepped and ready for the ‘birther’ back-and-forth with Trump. He looked strong on terror and continued his skillful evisceration of the mainstream media while scoring points with his epic debating skills.

2. Chris Christie had memorable one-liners, shushing Marco Rubio and calling the State of the Union ‘story time with Barack Obama.’ He also offered the night’s most forceful condemnation of President Barack Obama

3. Donald Trump didn’t lose any ground and won’t suffer in the polls. He used Ted Cruz’s comments about ‘New York values’ to his advantage by evoking 9/11 memories and his unscripted closing statement was memorable.

4. Rand Paul gained by not showing up and turning his exclusion from the main stage into a pity party. No one scored a point against him because he didn’t have to show up and defend himself, but he was a presence anyway.

5. Marco Rubio smacked around the Democrats and accused Christie of being in bed with them. He also tried to look tough on immigration but Cruz ultimately skewered him on ‘amnesty’ and the Gang of Eight plan.

6. John Kasich was a decided also-ran whose main claim to fame – budget battles in Washington two decades ago – never broke through in a debate hosted by a financial news network

7. Jeb Bush tried to be the grown-up on Muslim immigration, but ended up a crashing bore, and tried in vain to re-brand Trump as a reckless bully. Bush also said terrorists in Obama’s America were ‘on the run’ instead of ‘on the rise.’

8. Ben Carson made decent stabs at humor but continued to look feckless on foreign policy. He raised eyebrows, in a not-so-good way, when he leapt into a monologue on nuclear explosions in the exoatmosphere.

Who do you think won last night’s debate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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