He Caught A Thug Stealing His Car, So He Did THIS

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A new video showing an attempted carjacking is going viral this week, and when you see it, you’ll know why!

According to Conservative Tribune, the video was opened to Youtube on Wednesday by the Northern Territory Police in Australia, and it shows a thug try to steal a car, only to be foiled by the vehicle’s owner.

The footage opens with a man walking from his car into a gas station. As he walked away from his vehicle, a young punk approached the car from the shadows and then got in. Watch closely and you’ll see the car start to slowly pull away.

Seconds later, the owner realized his car was being stolen and ran out to the vehicle. Without hesitating, the owner jumped through the passenger window in what is being described as a James Bond/ninja move.

The wannabe thief continued to try to drive away, but the owner had other ideas. Though we don’t know exactly what happened, as it was happening inside the car, the owner undoubtedly let his fists do the talking. Within a few seconds, the thief can be seen fleeing the vehicle and running down the street.

Police later identified the suspect as repeat offender Timothy Slater, and they are currently still looking for him. However, we applaud the car owner for taking justice into his own hands!

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