He Used A Hammer To Pop His Cyst – What Came Out…Yikes!

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In this video, a young man uses a hammer and a nail to pop a cyst on his wrist. That’s when things get REALLY gross…

Jason is a young man who is plagued by a recurring ganglion cyst on his wrist that never seems to go away. He has turned this problem in a series of Youtube videos that document his journey to pop the cyst.

According to American Overlook, Jason and his wife have tried everything from hammering needles into the cyst to drilling and sticking a nail in there. In this video, the couple think they have found the perfect solution: a sterilized plastic push pin, stabbed right into the heart of it.

Jason begins by placing the small black pin on top of the cyst, then asks his wife to hammer it in with a small hammer. After a few minutes of horrifying pain, the pin is inside Jason’s wrist.

“I’m not sure if it’s in my cyst or in the skin around it,” Jason says. “We’re going to see cyst glory.”

After an audible pop, a sticky fluid called “synovial fluid” begins to pour out of the cyst. That’s when things REALLY get nasty!

Though this worked for Jason, doctors say he is a very lucky man and would not recommend this process.

“There are very fine arteries and nerves in the hand, and they’re so easy to damage. If they are damaged, you get irreversible pain,” Dr. Arun Ghosh said. “If you think how often you use your hand, that can be debilitating.”

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