When They Popped His Sebaceous Cyst, They Never Expected THIS To Come Out

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In this video, a man has a sebaceous cyst on his arm popped, and what comes out is sure to gross you out…

The man described what happened in the video description:

Sebaceous cyst extraction and how it came to be! A lump formed on my left arm around 2003 it was so small and cause no pain or any sort of discomfort so I thought nothing of it. One day I must have bumped it at work causing it to inflame and grow overnight, the pain then started and was sensitive to touch. The pressure built so rapidly I decided to call my doctor and was in the clinic that day, it was diagnosed as a sebaceous cyst and treatment was a bottle of antibiotics. A few days past and the pressure continued to build so my girlfriend and I decided to do our own research on this crazy painful lump, Google results informed us it will come to a head (as you want it to) and squeeze out the infection. We used a hot compress off and on for hours until the cyst had a decent sized white head on it and watched a couple YouTube videos to see the best extraction strategy. Once I had seen how easily this seemed to be to extract it was time to take action! I had my girlfriend sterilize her tweezers and proceeded to clean and disinfect the area with alcohol as well as making sure we washed our hands with hot water and antibacterial soap. My fingers are stained from the outdoor labor my job requires me to do (stained hands are not dirty hands) to those of you who may comment on my personal hygiene being a factor in this. I had my girlfriend ready to extract it for me, last minute I decided I wanted to get it done myself and had her record with my phone (Galaxy S3) not expecting what came next…


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