BREAKING: Obama Makes Disturbing Move In Oregon – Citizens Running For Their Lives

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Over the last few weeks, the nation has been captivated by a group of patriotic militiamen who have taken over a federal building in Oregon. Now, Obama is trying to take out these patriots once and for all, and the way he’s going about it is disturbing.

The ranchers took over the building to protest the arrests of Dwight and Steven Hammond, who were sentenced to five years in jail and called “arsonal terrorists” for executing a controlled burn on federal land adjacent to their ranch.

According to Conservative Tribune, Obama’s Bureau of Land Management has just been caught on camera doing an uncontrolled burn in the nearby town of Prince Glenn, Oregon, burning cows alive. When ranchers tried to interfere, Black Lives Matter protesters threatened them with arrest.

Clearly, the Obama administration is trying to get revenge on the ranchers who are openly defying the president.

“Basically, the BLM were burning the ranchers’ grass,” ranching leader Ammon Bundy said. “I want you to understand that this video was filmed less than two weeks from the day the Hammonds were sentenced for starting a fire themselves.”

The video is narrated by the person filming it, who points out that the Black Lives Matter protesters are being far more irresponsible than the Hammonds ever were.

“Last night, nobody’s around, they lit the fire right here, close to everybody’s houses,” the narrator said. “We’re going to have a hell of a lot of fire come evening.”

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