What These Anti-Gun Celebrities Just Did Will Make You Sick

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The loudmouth liberals of Hollywood are always there to back up Obama when it comes to gun control. However, when it comes to living their own lives, they are also quick to hire armed guards to protect them at their fancy events.

The hypocrisy of this is laughable.

Brain dead Hollywood progressives love to feign outrage over the latest mass shooting, heading over to their Twitter accounts to immediately capitalize off tragedy as a means of gaining more fans and hopefully scoring points with the culture to keep their career going.

Ironically, during Sunday night’s Golden Globes, most of those same idiotic, anti-Second Amendment thumpers from the entertainment industry were protected by armed guards.

Ahh, the foul stench of hypocrisy.

via Twitchy:

Quick question: How many of the celebrities at the Golden Globes approve of President Obama and his ongoing plan to restrict your rights under the 2nd Amendment? We know this one does:

We only ask because Schumer and the other Obama-voting celebrities in attendance are only able to gather in safety thanks to good guys with guns:

You see, what these hypocrites fail to understand is that they can afford this sort of security on a daily basis thanks to the bloated paychecks they receive to play pretend.

The average American — who works paycheck to paycheck and can barely afford to pay rent — cannot hire private security around the clock to ensure their safety. Hence, the reason why the Second Amendment exists.

The right to own a firearm allows a person to protect themselves and to truly love their neighbor by having the means to defend their lives should something awful happen.

If you take away their right to own a gun, they — along with their neighbor — will be defenseless against evil, and that, my friends, is the very epitome of moral indecency.

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