Muslim Refugees Drag Screaming Woman Into Subway – What Happens Next Is Horrifying

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Obama and his minions continue to claim that Muslim refugees are “peaceful,” but videos like this prove that is not the case at all.

Europe is currently being taken over by Muslims in a truly disturbing way, and their situation serves as a grim warning to America as to what can happen to us if we aren’t careful.

The woman’s screams chills the blood.

I have not independently confirmed that this is Cologne. The fact is that with the enemedia and quisling politicians providing cover for these savages, we have to do the reporting ourselves. Citizen journalism. It is crucial in the war in the information battle-space.

Anyone with more info on this video, email me at or leave a comment in the comment section. Frankly, all of these Muslim violent sex mobs, whether it’s Tahrir Square, Cologne, Helsinki, et al all look the same.
Check this space if I find out more.

UPDATE: Even if it’s not Cologne, it shows the horror that women in Europe and the middle east are going through and that is what people need to see and hear.

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