Man Uses Tack To Pop Cyst – What Comes Out…OMG!

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The man in this video was sick and tired of an enormous ganglion cyst, which he had nicknamed “The Wrist Cyst,” so he took action.

According to Mad World News, Jason took a thumb tack and used a screwdriver as a hammer to puncture the cyst. What came out, however, was extremely disturbing…

The video opens with Jason talking about how he had tried to pop the cyst before.

“It’s really big, it hurts. In the past I’ve done things to pop it by hammering a needle into it, which worked really well,” he said. “This time I’ve come up with a really good idea to take a pushpin and hammer the cyst.”

With the help of his wife, Jason attacked the cyst, and quickly began screaming from the pain. In no time, a clear glue-like substance was oozing out.

According to Mail Online:

Ganglions are made up of a thick jelly-like fluid called synovial fluid, which surrounds joints and tendons to lubricate them during movement. They occur when this fluid leaks out and collects under the skin.


Unfortunately for Jason, ganglion cysts have a tendency to return after they are popped, so he may need to do this all over again very soon.

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