BREAKING: Bombshell Reports Reveal Hillary Is A MURDERER – This Could Put Her In Jail

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As Hillary Clinton continues with her presidential campaign, disturbing details are coming out from her past that are putting her White House dreams in jeopardy.

In the past, we’ve reported on the Clinton body count, which refers to the disturbing amount of deaths of those close to the Clintons. In the political industry, many joke that becoming close to one of the Clintons is effectively a death sentence, but there is truth in jest…

Q Political recently reported on three of the most disturbing deaths of those who became close to the Clintons. These reports will definitely make you see Hillary in an entirely new light:

Case #1: Mary Mahoney

Mary Mahoney was a former White House intern who was an assistant manager at a local Starbucks in Georgetown. In the midst of the pre-trial publicity around the Paula Jones lawsuit, journalist Mike Isikoff hinted that a “former White House staffer” with the initial “M” was on the verge of going public with her own story of sexual harassment at the hands of Bill Clinton.


After a couple days had passed, a gunman entered Mahoney’s Starbucks location after closing time, and shot her along with 2 associates.

The two associates were shot in another room, while Mary was shot 5 times. It was noted that silencers were used during the murder because neighbors didn’t hear any of the shots taking place.

Police labeled the crime as a robbery even though no money was missing from the cash register or safe, and the only evidence pointed towards a planned killing of Mary Mahoney.

Case #2: Vincent Foster

Vincent Foster worked for Rose Law Firm and participated in several investigations into the Clinton financial network. He was known to have “intimate knowledge” of the Clinton finances.

He reportedly made a call to Hillary Clinton, apparently the conversation didn’t go so well. A few hours after the conversation, he was found dead in Ft. Marcy Park in Washington D.C., due to suicide. Well, suicide was the official story. A suicide note was found a few days later torn into pieces, in his brief case, after his office had been entered by White House staff and materials removed.


The gun that killed him, was reported to be in his hand, even though eye witness reports say that there was no gun at the scene. It was also reported that Foster had an unreported gunshot wound to the neck even though the day after the FBI confirmed there was only 1 gunshot wound to the head, and no exit wound, or other injuries.

The note has since been proved to be a forgery.

Ready for one more?

Case 3: John F. Kennedy Jr.

John F. Kennedy Jr. had just hinted in a Dateline story that he would be running for a Senate seat presumed to already belong to Hillary Clinton. Just a few days after, he along with his wife and sister-in-law died in a plane crash just short of Martha’s Vineyard.


What was even more suspicious is that eye-witness reports say that the skies were clear that day, while the major news networks were saturated reports saying just the opposite. Even more so, it doesn’t explain how the plane with specialized flight instruments managed to crash.

The military even sanctioned off a 5-mile perimeter as a no-fly zone until the investigation was finalized and the wreckage removed.

This report and government action sounded eerily similar to the case of TWA Flight 800 when the Navy shot it down.

We can’t actually say that the Clintons physically pulled the trigger, but there have been more suspicious and unexplainable deaths around them than any other politician in history.

In total, at least 95 people close to the Clintons have died under suspicious circumstances. SHARE this story so that Americans can learn the TRUTH about Hillary Clinton and her husband!

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