She Popped A Large Pimple On His Nose, But What Came Out…YUCK!

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In this video, Dr. Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, pops a series of large blackheads on a patient’s nose. She described what happened in the video description:

This gentleman has glandular rosacea, a form of rosacea that causes thickening of the skin, especially around the nose, a condition called rhinophyma. This is not caused by drinking alcohol, but rosacea can be aggravated with alcohol consumption. There are hugely dilated follicles on his nose, and when expressed with a comedones extractor, you can see long plugs of sebum (oil) and keratin (skin cells) emerge. I have posted another video, where I re-sculpt his nose with electrosurgery, removing some of the thickness around his nostrils that make his nose look misshapen. Over time, I will conservatively resculpt his nose and continue to do extractions. Be patient, he will be back, treatment for him is in steps and we will continue to improve his nose over time! Stay tuned!
Remember, this is only mildly uncomfortable. In many places, I may inject local anesthesia to numb the area. He has had multiple treatments so far, and the results are impressive. He is such a patient man of few words, but we can tell that he is pleased with the results so far.


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