When He Heard A Strange Noise In His Basement, He Never Expected To Find THIS – YIKES!

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Just before 1am last Wednesday morning, Idaho homeowner Matthew Siegal was awakened by a loud crash in his basement. Panicking, he rushed downstairs to investigate, moving carefully in case a burglar was in his home.

He NEVER expected to find this at the bottom of his stairs…

According to American Overlook, Siegal came face to face with a a massive 600-pound elk as soon as he got to his basement.


“To see a full-size elk standing in your downstairs living room when you get down there is something that you’d never expect,” Siegal said.

The elk had reportedly fallen through a large, two-pane basement window, causing quite a bit of damage. Despite this, the elk was unharmed aside from a scar on his neck.


The elk refused to budge, and it took Emergency Services for them to coax the animal out of the Boise home. They were about to put the animal down in the basement, but Siegal convinced them to try one more time.


This time, the elk finally ran off, and Siegal was left to hope that insurance will cover the damage on his home!

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