Putin Openly Mocks Allah In Speech – Then This Happens

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Despite all the havoc Islam is currently wreaking on the world today, President Obama is STILL too afraid to speak out against the religion. President Vladimir Putin, however, has no such fear about Muslims…

After Turkey shot down one of his military aircrafts in November, Putin spoke out to shame the country and publicly mock Allah.

“We are not planning to engage in military saber-rattling,” Putin argued, according to American News. “But if anyone thinks that having committed this awful war crime, the murder of our people, they are going to get away with some measures concerning their tomatoes or some limits on construction and other sectors, they are sorely mistaken.”

“All in all, dear colleagues, I do not understand why they did this,” he continued. “Perhaps only Allah knows.”

It was then that Putin went in for the kill.

“It appears that Allah decided to punish the ruling clique of Turkey by depriving them of wisdom and judgment,” he joked.

Muslims are outraged about Putin’s speech, but he doesn’t give a hoot about what they think!

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