Obama’s White House Is Desperately Trying To Hide THIS

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As the Obama administration debuts a whole slew of gun control executive actions this month, they are desperately trying to distract us from this one fact about the month of January.

January is reportedly Sanctity of Human Life month, and Obama doesn’t want anyone to celebrate it.

Western Journalism reported:

January 22 is the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision of the United States Supreme Court legalizing abortions under virtually all conditions; it occasions the greatest shedding of innocent blood in American history. Although the court attempted to parse between privacy and compelling state interests in the welfare of mothers and unborn children, in actuality virtually no practice has been prohibited. Even that most gruesome procedure – partial birth abortion – is legally protected in this country. The biggest scandal has been the unmasking of Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and selling baby body parts. With this in mind, we devote January to life and its protection.

As January begins, the US Supreme Court has agreed to hear challenges to a Texas law that requires abortion providers – I hesitate to call them doctors – to have admitting privileges at a local hospital before they can provide the end of a tiny human life. California has ordered pregnancy care centers to refer clients for free or low cost abortions before meeting their needs with life-affirming services; lawsuits have been filed against this violation of the First Amendment. Also in California, a lawsuit is underway against the state’s Department of Managed Health Care over its 2014 regulation forcing churches and faith-based organizations to include abortion coverage in benefits for workers. Suit was filed after the federal government rejected complaints – even though the regulation defies recent Supreme Court rulings affirming that forcing such coverage is unconstitutional.

Abortion is not the only life issue. Again in California, a new law took effect January 1 that permits so-called physician assisted suicide. This law is a sham from the get-go inasmuch as it has no provisions to safeguard patients from coercion or manipulation, and no serious effort to vet them in terms of mental competency. No lawsuit has been filed on this one – for patients to have standing in court as injured parties, they must return from the dead. However, a referendum signature-gathering drive is underway to place this measure on the November 2016 ballot. Each of these life issues will be featured in a blog during January.


Our nation burst the bonds of colonial captivity under the banner of our Declaration of Independence. That document – for which our flag is a symbol – declares we human beings have three innate and inalienable rights received from our God. They are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our constitution was enacted to codify a level playing field for the exercise of those rights.  Life is the first of these because without it, the others are mere theory.

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