Gang Of Thugs Attack 13 Year-Old Boy For ‘Being White’ – Then This Happens

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Six black teens are facing possible assault charges after they jumped a 13 year-old white boy and brutally attacked him.

According to American News, the attack occurred outside the Holy Trinity Church festival in Norwood, Ohio, and video of the incident makes it clear it was racially-charged. The disturbing footage shows the thugs debate who would hit the boy first, before one of the boys violently punched the kid in the face.

The fight escalated until the victim was lying helplessly on the ground being pummeled with kicks and punches. Luckily, an adult finally intervened to save the boy, at which point the thugs fled the scene.

The terrified little boy never reported the crime, but his grandmother Mary Baker rushed him to the hospital after the video leaked online. The boy was observed for a concussion, and police have since identified six of the seven attackers in the video.

“Apparently someone’s not paying attention,” Baker told reporters. “You guys don’t know what that video’s like to watch when it’s your own kid. And I don’t know how a parent can watch it—even the kids that did that. How could they watch that video and accept that?”

Lt. Ron Murphy of the Norwood Police Department confirmed that his unit will follow through with prosecuting this case. SHARE if you think the black teens should be charged with a hate crime for this!

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