They Were Just Picking Up The Garbage, But Then They Heard Blood-Curtling Screams…

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Andy Perez was just doing his job working as a garbage truck driver for Waste Pro in Miramar, Florida when the unthinkable happened.

According to American Overlook, Perez was working outside a home on his route when he heard a small child scream. Another child then frantically ran outside and asked Perez if he knew how to perform CPR.

Perez was stunned to follow the child and find an infant drowning in the pool. The garbage man found the 1 year-old child dead, with no pulse at all.

Thinking fast, Perez began “breathing into the child’s lungs, giving chest compression and pumping lots of water from the boy, being careful to keep the child’s head to the side to prevent him from choking on the water as it was being expelled.”

As rescue crews rushed to the scene, Perez continued performing CPR on the child until his pulse was restored. The infant boy was then rushed to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition. However, thanks to Perez, he now has a future to look forward to.

God bless Andy Perez, a true American hero!

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