BREAKING: Trump Involved In Massive Cheating Scandal

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On Tuesday, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump admitted that his past indiscretions are “fair game” for reporters to dig into after he was confronted about the fact that he cheated on his first wife Ivana with model Marla Maples.

“Yes, they would be,” Trump responded when a reporter asked if his past infidelities would be fair game for reporters to look into.

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Daily Mail reported:

Trump said recently that the former president has a ‘penchant for sexism,’ warning Hillary not to play the gender card and position herself as a champion for women.

‘Frankly, Hillary brought up the whole thing with “sexist,” and all I did was reverse it on her because she’s got a major problem – happens to be right in her house,’ Trump said Tuesday night.

‘So, if she wants to do that, we’re going to go right after the president, the ex-president. We’ll see how it all comes out, and I feel very confident that it’ll come out very well for us.’

‘The last person that Hillary wants to run against is me,’ he claimed.

Tuesday on the ‘Today’ show, Trump named Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky as problems for Bill and Hillary. Jones sued the former president for sexual harassment, accepting a massive settlement. Lewinsky was the White House intern who carried on an affair with Bill.

‘If he’s going to be out there campaigning, then it’s certainly’ fair game, ‘and I think everybody agrees with me on that,’ Trump said.

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