They Stole His Home While He Was Serving Our Country – Now Watch How This Veteran Got His Revenge

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In Obama’s America, the men and women who risk their lives to serve our country are treated with little-to-no respect when they return home. Unfortunately, Army Specialist Michael Sharkey and his wife learned this the hard way when they left their Florida home during his tour of duty.

According to American Overlook, two freeloading squatters took up residence at Sharkey’s home while he fought for our country overseas. Julio Ortiz and his girlfriend Fatima Cardoso claim they had a “verbal agreement” with the person Sharkey put in charge of his home, but everyone involved with this case deny any such agreement ever took place.

Ortiz and Cardoso moved in and quickly changed the locks, so Sharkey took them to court. In a sickening twist, the liberal judge sided with the freeloaders over the brave veteran.

Just when the Sharkeys had given up hope of ever getting justice, a biker gang made up of military veterans stepped up to help. This gang “peacefully made the squatters uncomfortable” by riding up to the residence, and a veteran lawyer agreed to take Sharkeys case pro bono.

Terrified of the gang and the lawyer, Ortiz fled the property with his girlfriend. It’s safe to say he learned the hard way to never mess with an American veteran!

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