She Was In The Park Alone When A Thug Ripped Off Her Pants – But Then She Got Her Revenge…

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An unnamed woman was jogging in a park recently when a thug suddenly approached her and pulled her pants down to her ankles. He had no idea that the woman was a deputy U.S.  marshall…

According to American Overlook, 19 year-old Richard Flynn approached the woman on a Pittsburgh trail and grabbed her backside so hard he nearly ripped her shorts off. He then ran away trying to escape, but the marshall chased him and took him down in seconds.

The marshall reportedly cornered Flynn outside an apartment building, at which point he, “flung himself at her.” She, however, dodged the attack, and countered by kicking him in the crotch and punching him in the face.

Flynn was then arrested and charged with aggravated and indecent assault, escape and giving a false name to a law enforcement official. In addition, he had to check himself into the hospital for an injured finger.

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