Muslim Thug Rapes Woman For Five Days In Attempt To ‘Convert Her To Islam’ – Then This Happens

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Obama and his minions claim that Islam is the “religion of peace,” but stories like this prove that that is a blatant lie.

According to Daily Mail, an Muslim man in India has been arrested after he raped his female colleague for five days in an attempt to convert her to Islam.

It all started when engineer Syen Emad Hasan, 30, proposed to his 27 year-old coworker, who worked with him at a Dell Computer shop. The young woman rejected Hasan, telling him that her family would never allow “an inter-religious marriage,” so the Muslim took matters into his own hands. He reportedly harassed the woman until she cut short a business trip to Dubai, but when she returned home to confront him, he instead kidnapped her.

Hasan locked the woman up in his home and took away her phone before he repeatedly raped her.

“He took three days’ leave and brutalised and sexually assaulted her,” a police officer told reporters. “He threatened to continue doing so until she agreed to marry him after converting to Islam. He even threatened to set her on fire and strangle her.”

“He took away her phone, passwords of her e-mail, Facebook, and started using them in her name,” the officer added. “She was denied access to anybody.”

After four days, the woman finally got access to Facebook when Hasan was out and she was able to message a friend. Police then stormed the home and found the terrified woman locked in a bathroom with severe injuries to her head and face.

“Hasan said they were lovers, but the woman appears very scared in his presence,” the officer concluded.

This horrifying story should serve as a warning to the world. Many muslims will NEVER be satisfied until we have ALL converted to Islam!

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