BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Accidentally Admits THIS On Camera – This Could End Her Campaign

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Before Obamacare was put into actions, millions of conservatives warned that it would hurt workers by forcing companies to cut full time hours. These conservatives were then accused of “racism” by liberals who were willing to follow Obama off a cliff if that’s where he planned to lead them.

Now, however, Hillary Clinton has accidentally admitted that conservatives were right about Obamacare all along. Here’s what Hillary had to say:

“Well, that’s why they are going to part-time. That, and also, the Affordable Care Act. You know, we got to change that because we have built in some unfortunate incentives that discourage full-time employment. A lot of employers believe if you don’t work 40-hours a week you don’t get benefits and that includes; you don’t get health care benefits; that might include you’re not eligible for the family medical leave; you’re not eligible for paid sick days. So, there is a disincentive in our system that we need to deal with and I really worry about it because there is trend to try and move more and more people into part-time work; and how many of you are part-time workers? And sometimes you want to work part-time, it fits into your family, it fits into your life obligations but sometimes you want to work full-time but you can’t get a full-time job. So, I want to look at all the employment rules.”

After hearing her speech, Louder with Crowder reported:

All this time when it came to The Affordable Care Act, Conservatives and libertarians have warned about the unintended consequences. We were called racist. Because, naturally. Now we have Hillary Clinton, campaigning on correcting Obamacare’s horrendous… unintended consequences.

Instead of admitting a screw up, she pivots to talking about “fixing the system.” What system?! What freaking system? Business owners run businesses. They should be able to hire who they want and pay what they want. If people don’t like the offer, they work for another company. The only “system” that has screwed anyone here is the one which Democrats have put in place.

Democrats like Hillary Clinton want to think up new ways to punish and force small businesses to pay more than they can afford. In the long run, what do you think that does for both an economy and healthcare?

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